Welcome to wmdrums.com. My name is Wesley Mitchell and you’ve landed in just the right spot to learn more about myself, my blog, and how to contact me. I am based out of Nashville, TN and currently play drums with Bully and Penicillin Baby. You can view a complete list of previous artists I’ve worked with and all associated links under the “Credits” tab. If you’re here for questions about a session or help with drumming/career advice, feel free to get a hold of me via the “Contact” page. I check my e-mail frequently and will respond as soon as I am able. 

My blog will be frequently updated and chocked full of drum videos, lessons, career advice, album/concert reviews, and any other interesting musical content I can throw into the nebulous realm of the internet. For anyone supporting me and checking it out, I thank you.

Have a look around and feel free to leave comments or feedback on posts you feel strongly about. I want you to feel cozy. If you’re looking for more drum videos, feel free to follow my instagram page: @wmdrums and if you want to keep up with my ramblings go ahead and crush the subscribe button on my blog. 


P.S. You can read my latest interview with DRUM! magazine by clicking here.

tour: bully

Below are a few selected tunes & videos from my social media feeds and live tapings/performances. I am always open to collaborate with others and in the process of putting together full length features. These are a few of my favorites and feel free to contact me if you'd like to work together!


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Feel free to e-mail me with questions regarding drum techniques, lessons, music or to book a session. I am always looking forward to meeting and hearing from new people.


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