Hello and welcome to my very first blog post. Well, that's a lie. I used to blog quite a bit on wordpress and recently lit a fire under my own ass with the help of some books and podcasts to be more proactive with this stuff. This includes a podcast to be released later this year, working more fundamentals on the pad, being a better human in general and a number of other things. You name it, the list goes on. 

What you are seeing is a blog within my new website. I've been wanting to take control of the site and update the blog for years and it's finally done. *sigh of relief* What's the lesson to be learned here? Take control of YOUR LIFE. If you want something, go for it. Real life advice: no one's going to hand it to you. You want to start a blog, just fuckin do it. You want to get a website going, do it. You will never be awesome right out of the gates. Learn as you go, set small goals for yourself, and go for it. 

Finally, I want this blog to be educational, fun, and worth all of OUR time. Yes, that includes you. What would you like me to blog, rant, educate, etc. about? Tell me in the comments, I want to hear from you. Keep your eyes peeled for the podcast and stay up to date by subscribing below.